Last Day "By Darkness Revealed" is free on Kindle

\"\"Yup, I have BY DARKNESS REVEALED free on Kindle. Ends at about midnight.
Why give my book away? I know that subject is controversial, but I have reasons.
First? Because I\’ve been indie publishing for a year now. Happy anniversary! Here\’s a free book. =) No, seriously – I mean that. It\’s been a fun year so far. I\’ve learned a ton. And I have oodles of fresh material coming out later this year, so it seemed like a nice time to give something to the reading community. DARKNESS has a 4.9 star rating on Amazon – if you like urban fantasy, give it a try.
Second? Because it helps my book\’s rankings. In theory at least, the arcane meta-mumblings of the Amazon Algorithms will increase my book\’s visibility when you get your free copy. So when it goes not-free Saturday, it will be much more noticeable to many more people. That\’s the theory, this is the experiment testing that theory. You\’re helping ME out when you download your free copy. Thank you!
Third? The book is going up to $3.99 shortly. It\’s been $2.99 for a while, and now free for a couple of days (ENDS 6/22!), but after that it is going up. For a variety of reasons, this seems like a sound choice. But, here\’s your chance to get it free before it goes up.
Fourth – and this one is important – I am removing the book from the Kindle Select program. That\’s the program where Amazon gets a book exclusively on their site, and puts it into their Lending Library in return. The publisher also gets five promo days every three months to make the book free. I tried the Select program. I have to say, I\’m extremely underwhelmed; and the impact of Amazon algorithm changes recently have made be even less interested in continuing. So – exclusivity time is over, and the book will VERY SOON be available again on B&N, Smashwords, Apple, Kobo, and other major retailers.
That bit is the good news for those of you who don\’t read Kindle books. =)
I\’d originally planned to time this free promotion with the release of the next book, ASHES ASCENDANT, but ASHES isn\’t quite ready and I don\’t feel like renewing the Select program for another three months is worthwhile. So I\’m running the free days now – and I\’ll come up with something else interesting to do for my readers when ASHES comes out. In the meantime, if you like BY DARKNESS REVEALED, you can read the short story \”By A Whisker\”, a short adventure about Ryan set a bit in the future, after ASHES ASCENDANT. No spoilers though, don\’t worry!
Thanks for reading! And I\’m always open to hearing what folks thought of my stories. Improving my craft to tell YOU better tales is central to what I do.

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  1. As a reader, I’m a big believer in offering ebooks for free. There are many free books I download that don’t “grab” me, in which case I don’t buy any of the author’s other titles. But when I really like a book – like yours, which I felt was excellent, and I cannot wait for the next one to come out – I check out the author’s page and often buy one of their other books. Either that or I stalk their blog waiting for updates on their upcoming stories. (I’m doing that with a few authors right now, and I’ve joined your mailing list as well).
    As a writer working on my first book, it’s my intent to try offering it for free here and there to generate more notice. Would you recommend that based on the feedback/data you’re getting so far?

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