NaNoWriMo Wrap Up for 11/29/11

So I\’m at 25.456 words right now. That\’s only 24,544 words remaining.
The good news is, I made about 13,000 words today. And I\’ve got a great outline for the next 12,000 or so words, which means they will flow *really* fast. I\’m finding that if I have a paragraph blurb for each scene, I\’m closing on 2000 words an hour.
Tomorrow is going to be the real test. That\’s at least twelve or so hours of typing left to go. And to maintain that speed, I\’ll have to take periodic breaks. Spend a half hour at some point writing the rest of the rough outline. And playing with the kids often enough that they don\’t sneak up behind me and strangle me with my headphone cables. 😉
Off to bed now. Early rise, and back to work. At this point, I have less than 24 hours remaining to finish NaNoWriMo.
Anyone started a betting pool yet? 😉

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