New Things and Giveaways!

So, a few new changes to the blog over the last 24 hours!
First, I added a new column. The new column has links to my books and short stories on various vendors (just Amazon and Smashwords for now, but I\’ll be adding B&N soon as well). I can already see that becoming a problem down the road as I get more stories up. I think I need a slider or something…! Not yet. But can definitely see the need. If anyone out there knows a good tool that I can use with WordPress to show images and text links in a scrolling manner, I\’d be obliged to hear about it.
I also added a new page – contact me! I\’ve got links there to Facebook, Twitter, and my email. I\’ll always try to respond to every email. Might not be right away, but I do love hearing from readers, so I\’ll get back to you. There\’s also a link to a newsletter sign-up. And another link to the same newsletter in the side bar.
What newsletter? Well, it\’s new, too. =) I\’m using MailChimp to collect the email addresses of readers who\’d like to hear about upcoming book and short story releases. The list is private, of course, and will be used sparingly; but if you\’ve enjoyed By Darkness Revealed, for instance, and would like to read \”Ashes Ascendant\” when it comes out, then the newsletter is a great way to hear about the release.
Yes, soon.  =)
And to top it all off, I\’ve decided to try something really different, and participate in a blog hop.
Never having done one before, I have no idea how well this will be received, but…why not? As a character from my kids\’ favorite show says \”Get messy! Make mistakes!\” One could do worse than follow the advice of Ms. Frizzle.
So I\’ve signed up to offer a giveaway for the 7th through 10th of October, as part of the HOP FOR RED OCTOBER.


And what am I giving away, you ask?
Something with monsters, and magic, and a little mayhem.
Something with darkness, and sinister beings, and a battle against a renewed evil.
For the next few days, til the blog hop is done, every person who signs up on my newsletter list will receive a coupon good for a copy of By Darkness Revealed on That will include all major and most of the minor ebook formats – Kindle, epub, even PDF. Download and enjoy in the format of your choice, just for signing up.
One reader who signs up in that time will receive a free print copy of the book, autographed by the author however the winner would like.
But that\’s not really enough; so here\’s a little advance news. A short while before Ashes Ascendant is released to the world, I will be doing a drawing for several people to win ARCs – advance release copies – of the book. The winners will be chosen from folks who\’ve reviewed By Darkness Revealed at the location of their choice. Amazon, B&N, Apple, Smashwords, Goodreads, your own blog – doesn\’t matter where, and multiple entries will be awarded for reviews at up to three locations.
So, you can sign up for the newsletter now, get a free ebook, maybe win a free print copy of the book, AND get more information emailed to you about an upcoming special giveaway of a privileged few advance copies of the sequel!
All for signing up with a newsletter? Yes!
To make it really easy, here\’s the newsletter link:
Thanks for stopping by! Enjoy the book! And check out the other blogs in the Hop here:

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