New year, new look, new name, new focus!

\"\"A new year, and time for a change.
I\’ve updated the blog. New look – a crisp, clean website which should load a little faster and look a little more professional. I have to admit, I liked the old stonework art I used to have. It\’s art I made, back when I was doing game art, so it had a little personal appeal. But I have to admit the clean white looks sharp.
When I founded this blog back in Autumn 2010, I wasn\’t really sure what I was doing with myself. I knew that publishing was changing. I knew I loved writing, and that the way the writing profession seemed to be shifting had a lot of appeal. I\’ve run a few businesses, and enjoy the work. Authors as entrepreneurs? Sign me up!
I\’ve ended up doing quite a lot more than that now, though. Yes, I\’ve been writing, and yes, I\’ve been publishing that work. But to date, I\’ve earned more income from formatting work for other writers, and done more work advising others on how best to go about doing things in this new world. I\’ve listened to some of the best in the business, and I\’ve participated in, even run, some intensive studies of the changing publishing marketplace.
In the process, I\’ve created a blog which is fairly scattered. And as a very bright person pointed out to me earlier today, that\’s not really the best way to go about things. So this is a moment of refocus. The old blog name was centered around me, my learning, my SF and fantasy writing: \”Swords and Starflight: Exploring the worlds of writing and publishing\”.
The new blog name is \”Digital Delta: Charting a course through the changing world of publishing.\”
Appropriate, because that\’s what I\’ll be writing about here. Yes, I\’ll talk some about my own writing still. But the majority of what I put up here will be detailed information and analysis about the publishing industry as it exists today, and as it is likely to exist in the near future.
Because we\’ve seen enormous change over the last two years, monumental change just over the last twelve months. But I think we\’re still at the tip of the iceberg, and there\’s much more to come. We\’re still collectively working to find ways of coping with just these first steps of the digital publishing revolution, but the deeper changes won\’t happen for a while yet. I predict that the next three years are going to be a rollercoaster of events as retailers, publishers, agents, writers, and everyone else involved in the industry work overtime to keep up.
Change can be scary. Folks, change can also be a lot of fun. Change can mean endings, but change can also mean new beginnings, new opportunities.
Let\’s find them together.

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