Now coming to you from West of Boston!

And after a long, long break, I\’m back up and running again! This time, not from the wilds of Vermont, but from Boston\’s Metro West.
The late summer, autumn, and early winter were a flurry of house hunting, house selecting, house buying, house packing, and then moving. We finally moved into the new home on November 20th, just before Thanksgiving.
Yes, it really has taken me two weeks to begin getting settled into the new place. 😉
The kids enjoy the space though. Bigger rooms, bigger house, more rooms… The new house is about 150% the size of the one in Vermont. And my wife somehow managed to find a house a short walk from a 250 acre wooded park. Just outside Boston. I know, right? 😉  I mean, how does that happen? But we have trees and forest, which is a blessing for expatriate Vermonters, let me tell you!
I can only look at stained concrete for so long before feeling a little depressed and a lot exasperated.
On the plus side, I\’ve begun writing again. Wifi is running. I\’ve managed a couple of chapters on a story. As things settle down more (this weekend, we\’re off to Vermont again to work on the old house and prep it for sale), I\’m planning to get more writing done.
So, I\’m back – if anyone is still stopping by, thanks! I\’ll have more content of the sort I used to post soonish.

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