Priced NOT to sell (retraction)

Retraction: I originally wrote this article based on some information I was given which it seems was incorrect.  I had been informed that large publishers operated under the same rules for Kindle publication as smaller/self publishers do via DTP, and wrote this article discussing why then publishers were charging above $9.99 for books even though they were earning less (as would be the result for a DTP publisher).  However, that information was in error.  Rather than running under the same publishing rules as Kindle DTP, I\’ve discovered that instead larger publishers at least are offered the 70% royalty rate for all books, regardless of price.  My apologies for posting data that was incorrect.  I do try hard to verify information before I post it, but this one got away from me.

3 thoughts on “Priced NOT to sell (retraction)”

  1. It is odd that publishers would choose to sell fewer ebooks. It does seem that they are purposefully doing this to make readers buy print books instead.
    It makes me wonder if the publishers operate under the same 70%/35% rule that self-pub authors do.

  2. Really good question. My answer is – I am fairly sure this is true, based on information I have heard and read. But after looking into it a bit more, I can’t say with 100% certainty that some publishers are not getting special deals. I’m looking into it more – basically, asking authors who have ebooks up through major publishers if they have any over $9.99, and if so are they getting 25% of 35% of the cover, or more than that.

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