Why is it so easy to zip out a dozen replies to various blog and discussion groups on writing, but so darned hard to sit down to revise a novel?
I replied twice over on Dean\’s blog today; reading and replying there is a good thing.  I feel like I\’m learning quite a lot from him, and his responses are quite educational.  I replied a couple of times over on Joe Konrath\’s blog too, and a few more to discussion groups on LinkedIn.  Several thousand words in all, I think.  And after all of that, I got precisely zero revision done.
Got to play with the kids quite a lot though, which is a nice plus for any day. =)
When I started this blog, it was part of a commitment toward launching a writing career. I\’ve got two finished first drafts of novels, which is a lot of words to rewrite! I\’ve actually made excellent progress on the first – the huge pile of printed pages here on my desk, complete with plenty of notes. What remains is basically putting those notes into prose, and bringing the draft up to where it should be.
Going to go get some sleep now and start fresh in the morning. I\’ll post updates on progress as I go along!

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