Scrivener For Windows

It\’s true – Scrivener is coming out in a Windows version! Beta in late October, release around January. This is amazing news.
Why is this news? What the heck is Scrivener?
Scrivener is a writing software package that, so far, has been for Mac only. It packs in a substantial array of tools useful for researching, organizing, outlining, writing, and revising both fiction and non-fiction work. How substantial?
Enough that I know a few authors who\’ve dumped their PCs to get this software.
I\’m really excited about this. I\’ve tried a number of \’writer\’s tool sets\’ for PC, and keep coming back to OpenOffice word processor as my tool of choice. But I\’ve seen Scrivener in action, and was impressed. Very impressed. Impressed enough that I\’m definitely going to give this a try once the beta starts.
Perfect timing, too – I was planning to start a new novel right around then anyway, once this revision is done.
About Scrivener in general.
Scrivener for Windows.
Nice video about Scrivener for Windows at that last link. Check it out!

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