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Developmental Review (SF&F Only)

Your story is done. You’re fairly sure you’ve got your plot nailed. No loose ends, no plot holes. But you want to be absolutely certain. You want the assurance that your story’s structure is sound, your character arcs are solid, and the storytelling is as strong as it can be.

I firmly agree that most newer writers would benefit from a developmental edit. I wish I’d been able to afford one when I was starting out, as it would’ve sped up my learning process quite a bit. Unfortunately, I couldn’t afford it, which is a common problem for newer writers. Developmental edits tend to often be expensive; and rightly so, since this sort of editing requires great expertise.

To fill the gap, for a limited time, I am offering a special developmental review service. This will cost one cent a word USD. I will only be taking science-fiction and fantasy stories for this, although I’ll work with any branch inside that, including romance (used to be a PAN member of the RWA). This is because outside those genres, my expertise with genre forms won’t be strong enough to do the job properly.

Turnaround time will be no more than two weeks per novel-length work; less for shorter works. I will have openings beginning the first week of January 2024.

I’ve written over a hundred novels, and one of my true areas of expertise is in plot, structure, and the development of strong story. Before that, I used to be the lead editor for an international trade magazine, so I’ve seen both sides of the editing job. Working with you, I’ll apply that knowledge and experience to YOUR story.

I’ll carefully read your work multiple times, making notes about your storytelling, structure, and overall plot form. Then I’ll draft a report on the book for you, which will arm you with everything you need to lift your storytelling to the next level.

I look at a developmental edit, or a simpler version like the developmental review I’m offering, as an investment not just in this book, but in all future books as well. I look forward to working with you to make your next story your best story!

Want to chat about a developmental review? Reach out to me at:

Copy Editing

When the storytelling and prose are where you want them to be, it’s time for the finishing touches: the copy edit. This is your classic edit, where I’ll focus on removing any spelling, grammar, punctuation, consistency, or similar errors which might be lingering in your book.

Before I was writing books for a living, one of my previous professions was as editor for a trade journal. I’ve kept up the skills in the years since.

We all want to launch our books in the best shape possible; a copy edit ensures the best possible reader reaction to your story.

The cost for this will generally be one cent USD per word. Write to me with a 1000-word sample of your work; I’ll return it edited and give you a precise quote for the entire work. If you like the work I did in the sample, we’ll move on from there.

Turnaround time will generally be no more than one business day per 10,000 words, i.e. about two weeks for a 100,000 word novel. At present I have openings beginning the last week of September, 2023.

Want to chat about a copy edit? Reach out to me at:

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