Short Story to Appear in "Twelve Worlds" Charity Anthology

Yup – a brand new Ryan Blackwell story will be in the upcoming Twelve Worlds anthology, due out next month. I was also honored to have my story chosen to be the first in order, which puts it up in its entirety in the ebook sample. I\’m thrilled to have participated in the project with such a dedicated group of writers, and look forward to doing more with them in the future.
Here\’s the cover for the book:
It\’s an awesome painting by artist Les Peterson, who donated his time and effort to the cause. Twelve Worlds will include over a dozen stories including science fiction, fantasy, contemporary/paranormal, romance, and more. You want vampires? We\’ve got them. Space travel? Got that, too! Magical battles, strange cultures, mysteries to solve – the collection is quite a ride.
My story is a previously unpublished tale of Ryan Blackwell, the hero from my upcoming novels By Darkness Revealed and Ashes Ascendant (oops, did I just let slip that there\’s now a sequel in the pipeline? yup!). In this story, Ryan discovers that someone is tapping magical energy from the ley line nexus at Northshield University. Ryan tries to find out who\’s stealing the power, and why – but things quickly go from \”bad\” to \”extremely explosive\”!
Twelve Worlds will be up for sale on all major ebook sites in April for $2.99. All authors\’ shares of the sales will be donated to a charity to promote literacy. More details on that, and on the anthology as a whole, as soon as I can release them.

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