User Changes

Due to the issues I had recently with insertion of a script into one of the PHP files on the website, I\’m taking a number of steps to try to ensure the site is at least a little bit more secure and less likely to have this sort of trouble again. Nothing can guarantee that, of course, but at least maybe I can stop random bots from causing me trouble. 😉
As part of those changes, I have removed all registered users, and disabled registration. This is something I should have done ages ago, thought I had done, and hadn\’t – so I\’ve gradually gained a bunch of new users, mostly from random email addresses. I know there were some genuine users among those, but I couldn\’t tell them apart with any degree of certainty, so all have been removed. I apologize for any inconvenience, and will do whatever I can to help make sure folks can continue reading here the way they\’d prefer, provided I am also able to keep the site secure!

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