Writing in Public, Too: Day 5

\"writinginpublic\"No escaping it – into full on work days now. Up at 6am, out the door after a quick shower, and then at work before 7am. There until almost 4pm today. Hit email over lunch break, so I\’d have less to do there when I got home. And had an absolutely awful end of the shift; really rotten on a couple of counts. So I was tired and a little fried when I got home.
Played a few rounds of the Rome 2 game, which gave me about an hour of recovery time. The game is a little buggy, but fun. Honestly think I might have liked the original better than the new version, but I\’m giving it a little more time before I make that call. One plus about a game like that is I can play it in small, bite sized chunks. And it pauses well.
Right around then my wife was leaving for a meeting, and I started on the kids\’ dinner. Which they ate. Kinda. It was an unenthusiastic day all around. 😉
Got upstairs after dinner and did some non-writing job work for a while. Finally kicked off writing around 9pm, and got 1300 words done before my wife got home around 10. I\’m still working on Ashes, and this part is practically plodding. The good news is, I can feel that I am about two scenes from the tipping point. This book is something like a roller-coaster: long, steady build up, and then a rocketing ride to the finish through the second half. Once that part takes off, I think the speed is going to increase dramatically. I can feel those scenes itching to get out. So much so that I almost opted to start on a later scene, skip ahead a little bit. But that\’s not my usual work pattern, and I had a feeling it might hurt more than it would help. So I\’m working my way through these last scenes of build up.
Things go \”bang\” in about two or three more scenes. And stay that way for the following 20,000 words or so, I suspect.
Well, I\’ll find out for sure over the next few days! 😉  Looking forward to it.
Totals for Day 5
Daily Fiction Wordcount: 1300 words    Month to date fiction: 10750 words
Daily Blog Post Wordcount: 387 words    Month to date blog posts: 3715 words

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