Writing in Public, Too: Day 7

\"writinginpublic\"Just a quick post today. This was basically a day off… Spent time with my wife, time with the kids, and time out with a good friend. I did get a couple of important things done on the writing end, though.
First, the edits for Starship 5 are in! Tomorrow, I will be going over those edits and getting the manuscript ready for publication. So the release of the fifth episode is happening VERY soon!
Second, I did manage to get another 800 words in on Ashes. I fit it in between various events going on.
And, still a busy night here, so I\’ll sign off for now. Lot to do tomorrow, which will be a big work day on the writing end. See you then!
Totals for Day 7
Daily Fiction Wordcount: 800 words    Month to date fiction: 12750 words
Daily Blog Post Wordcount: 147 words    Month to date blog posts: 4938 words

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